AGOT empire strikes back

A strange dream

In the lands of north, the castle of Karhold is waiting the big celebration, the heir of the Karstark family is getting married with a fair maiden out of the noble family of Frey. However the heir Augustus Karstark is not very happy about this, perhaps because he was just summoned out of the King’s Landing where he was surrounded by glory and beautiful southern women, to marry a woman he haven’t seen in his life.
At the same time the fate lures 5 other strange people to this place. Maester apprentice William Roxton seeking the knowledge, exotic looking servant of the faith Achmed seeking the place in the world, prisoner of the war, the former hedge knight Goh Hill trying to survive, and two adventurers Fionna Hill and Black Brother accompanying her.
At the castle Augustus Karstark did not even tried to hide his bad mood of the situation he is in. Even though he recieved the strict word out of his lord Father Edwyn Karstark. It seemed the young Augustus was not caring anything. He let his prisoner the freedom of the castle, with the words “be useful or dead”. Achmed the servant of the seven has experienced the bad side of Augustus as well. The only lucky person to see the nice side of lordling was the mysterious adventurer out of the black brotherhood of the wall. They had the little chat in the Godswood of the Karhold, however the Black Brother was useless in providing any information just some riddles.
The mystery began when all the 5 adventurers received the note out of the maester of Karhold Kylestan. The biggest surprise in that is the prisoner hedge knight Goh received the note as well. They were all invited to have a small chat in the tower of maester in the evening. Augustus Karstark has joined them all as well. There maester Kylestan tried politely to get the goals and origins out of the all the adventurers. The maester confessed that he had dreamed all of the adventurers, the dreams always finished with his death, therefore he is quite interested in all them. When he asked some questions to the mysterious Black Brother, the member of the brotherhood revealed his identity as William Snow, the bastard of the Karhold, the cousin of Augustus Karstark himself. In the peak of the drama between two cousins the candle suddenly burn out and in the darkness all the guests heard the scream of dying Maester. The flush of wings were heard flying away of the window. It seemed that the bird changed to something else after landing behind the castle walls.
As for the maester, he was beyond of any help, there were three piercing wounds in the one line of the neck, it seemed that it was the work of poison.


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