The new adventure for role playing game, based on R. R. Martin’s book series A Song Of Ice And Fire

Please note that even though the story goes through the times described in the book, I’d like to slightly change some events, that would provide more fun and intrigues for my players.

The land of Westeros has been under the civil war. The two major houses rebelled against the rightful king on the Iron throne. And when one of the rebels Eddard Stark breached capital walls, he just found out that the king Aerys Targerian second of his name was dead, from the hand of his personal guard.
The signs shows that the war is won by rebels. But there are still some houses loyal to House Targerian rule. And some say that peace got out of the treachery is slippery one. And there is the biggest question in the whole realm. Who will be next king: is it Robert Baratheon or Eddard Stark?

AGOT empire strikes back

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